about me

i am a Jesus-following, texas fanatic, navy wife and mama, artsy-fartsy crafty type (but who has time for this anymore?), crazy texas tech and dallas cowboys fan and lover of all things football, except the patriots. (sorry, i just lost half of you but i.just.can't.) i cannot sew and i send my clothes that need buttons to the seamstress. i'm not learning either so don't try to sell me on the cost-savings or the normalcy of it all. i'm not buying it. obviously i hate capitalizing but incorrect grammar usage drives me batty. i fantasize about living strictly on chips, guacamole, queso, hummus, salads, and drinking only coffee, red wine and margaritas. i love writing, blogging, photography, organic eating, and recycling, but i'm a paper-towel abuser and driver of a 2001 gas-guzzling Tahoe. but it's for a good cause -- occasionally we hook up our 1988 boat with a 2010 wakeboard tower and take our friends out for a leisurely day of fun, until it almost always breaks down.

part of our family is currently in san diego and part in heaven. eventually, we will go back to austin when ken retires from the navy and i'll be able to visit our son's grave more often than once a year if i want. the Lord has blessed us with His beauty, both in our surroundings and the people He brings into our lives. never mind that i have to spend a monstrosity buying new toilet cleaning brushes and mustards (3 kinds-dijon, regular, and spicy--i know, obnoxious, i don't want to talk about it!) every time we move. ahhhh....the thrills of military life.

our first-born child is our precious angel son, matthew phillip who lived 5 days in this world. on january 11, 2009 he went home to jesus and we miss him terribly. but this i know, we WILL see him again in heaven. he is my reason for everything; my reason to love others, but more importantly, my reason to have fallen back in LOVE with our Jesus. matthew phillip is our own personal guardian angel constantly nudging, protecting, guiding, comforting, and making us laugh again. you can read the story of his birth and death on the "MATTHEW'S STORY" tab.

our second child, kennedy grace was our beautiful Easter miracle born on april 4, 2010 (how cool is Jesus to give us an Easter miracle for a rainbow baby?) and she might be the best hugger and kisser in the world. she won't settle for cheeks...the girl wants to kiss you on the lips a lot!! within 2 minutes of meeting her, you will fall in love like we have. after 20 minutes you might be thanking God you are NOT her mother, but don't worry, i do every single day. she has THE strongest will i have ever seen in any child. she is probably going to be Governor of Texas one day if she is not grounded to her room for life (and she's only 3 right now). please don't send me hate emails. we use 3-minute time-outs and (gasp!), spankings. everyone tells us she is so well-behaved; sitters, friends, preschool teachers. and when we're around, her behavior goes awry a lot. so clearly, ken and i are the problem.

our third child, sweet, sweet, morgan faith came into the world, october 17, 2011 and she is the most easy-going, chilled girl i have ever met. and she is our's! she started following a schedule when she was born and this sweet girl had only 13 days with her daddy before he deployed to Afghanistan for 14 months. but don't you know when he came home for his 2-week rest and relaxation trip halfway through deployment, she reached for his face like he'd been there every single day of her life. she loves her sister "kiki" even though kiki "accidentally" pushes her sometimes. she likes girly things more than her sister and "mess, mess, mommy" means i better clean up her space, hands, etc, pronto. she whines a little more than the average child; but i'm sure that will change when she learns more words.

we are a family trying to figure out how to live life in the mess, between the trees, looking towards heaven. we're doing our best to be loving, serving, and living with Jesus in this journey on our way to our forever home.