Monday, August 3, 2015

blog hiatus explained

i love writing and i like sharing my thoughts with my friends here. from oct 2013 until now, my blog had to go dark. see my daughter was bitten in the face by an unleashed chihuahua in balboa park in late Oct 2013, while we were getting family pictures taken. you can read more about the attack here and what we tried to get changed in policy here.

1 of 2 pictures taken before the dog attack

one month later, we did finally get those pictures taken!

we were pursuing a lawsuit with the owner because in the future kennedy may require corrective surgery and we will have to pay a portion of it with our military retiree insurance. ultimately, it was too costly to continue to pursue legal action against the dog owner because she fled and is living half the time in south county, greater SD area, and half in Mexico. and if we were granted a judgment against her, the likelihood of ever seeing those monies, paid to the insurance company, our attorney and small portion to kennedy, was well, very unlikely. and we were NOT pursuing some "get rich fast" amount. just a normal amount to pay the bills and cover a future corrective plastic surgery. we've let it go...

that being said, my blog had to be shut off.
i missed writing because even though i said i would write in a journal, i didn't. i wrote a little on my personal FB page but that’s about it.
who am i in regards to my writing?
i'm a girl that wants to share my story and thoughts in hopes that it gives hope to people hurting. 
i care deeply about families who experience the loss of a child and the hell it is to come out of that...and military families who bear the burdens of a sometimes-difficult call to serve. i care about the marginalized people outcast by the church, based on their sexuality, their lack of a home, the ever-present struggle in addiction-the “acceptable” ones and the “scary” ones. i care about child sex trafficking and rescuing those children from the hell they are in. i care about finding a solution to help the homeless out of a pattern of hopelessness. i care about orphans and women in third-world countries and providing education opportunities which ultimately provide economic empowerment. i care about helping organizations find sustainable and practical solutions to poverty. i care about organizations that build relationships with high school kids in hopes to earn their trust and share with them the truth of Jesus. i care about more things than i'll list here. 

what i don't care about is identifying myself with church people who will simply go about their lives in the comforts of christianity and turn a blind eye to these opportunities to serve. i'm tired of the denominations, the rhetoric, the arguments for/against people groups based in the old testament. it's old, tired, and inappropriate.

Jesus walked the earth and had compassion for those who weren't at the temple getting their church on. in fact, Jesus did not anger at someone whose life was in sin or who didn't know Him. He extended love and compassion, and extended an eternal hope. Jesus, however, got very, very pissed at the religious elite, the Pharisees, all their rules and trying to put Him in a box. He continuously showed the church elite he was going to land on the side of love, grace, and compassion every.single.time. when they pushed Him up against the rules of the times.

My paraphrase of Mark 3:5 when Jesus went into the synagogue and healed a man on the Sabbath:"Jesus looked at the hardness of their hearts and it really pissed Him off. He healed the man and that was that. yeah, it happened to be on a day that the religious elite set aside for nada."

christians, we have a choice here: to turn our nation's posture to grace and love...or we can continue to display hardness of heart towards others who need our love, grace, time, and resources.

i believe this is a time where the Church can rise, to ask forgiveness for our hardened, judgmental hearts, to let go of what once was a “christian nation,” and get on with the business of serving, loving, giving, sacrificing, and praying so that when you say you are a christian doing these things…a non-christian will actually believe you because he/she has experienced this bold, unfiltered, unparalleled, unexplainable love.

are you brave enough to stand with me and walk clumsily down the path that says, I'll love you no matter what. I want to share life with you and get to know your story. will you be brave with me?


Yakinican said...

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Sarah Vazquez said...


You have always had such an eloquent way of putting things into perspective and I’ve always admired that about you. When I read your truths, I feel as though you’re reading from my heart as well. Thank you for always being so open and vulnerable about sharing your truths, don’t ever stop, you have an amazing voice!!
With Love and admiration,