Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sunny san diego

well, the navy has moved us to america's finest city...sunny san diego.

we're just wondering where the sun is?!?

we have officially been here 1 month today and i want to say we've seen more cloudy/cold/rainy days than we have seen nice warm ones. could that be true? maybe, or maybe i exaggerate but i have had several san diegans tell me this weather has been very unusual. a day has not passed where we have not had the heat on at least at night; and sometimes during the day too.

we've moved into a great little rental house in southpark with a wonderful little back yard and it's only 1.9 miles to ken's work at balboa hospital. he's working at the navy hospital as the facilities department head. it's so great having him so close; he's been able to come home for lunch sometimes.

we have seen more sickness in 1 month than i hope for all year. we all passed around the stomach flu at least twice and i completely bleached down the entire house afterwards. we've had bouts with colds/coughing/congestion and i'm just praying we can all be a lot healthier in the future! but with moving to a new city, you get exposed to new germs and subsequently have more sickness in the first year.

we got an annual membership to the zoo and have enjoyed a few outings so far and one trip to the beach. kennedy keeps asking when we're going back to the beach. "as soon as we have nice weather sweetie!" but she's very concerned about the "eagles" (what she's calling seagulls) getting our chips. we were all at the water's edge and we looked out to our picnic blanket to a large number of seagulls hanging around and a clever one trying to carry off our bag of chips. kennedy tells complete strangers all about the "eagles" coming down and trying to take our bag of chips. apparently this is on her mind a lot. come to think of it; she's been waking in the middle of the night for several weeks now talking in her sleep and sometimes crying a little. i now wonder, could she be having bad dreams about the "eagles" stealing our chips?! :)

we plan on being in san diego until at least january 2016; possibly longer depending on ken's commander board results which will be released in june. please come visit!
here are a few pictures of us exploring our new city!