Monday, September 2, 2013

be still my heart

what is it you know to be the TRUTH?

a few truth gems on parenting are out there right now, and you would do yourself  a disservice if you didn't procrastinate 10 more minutes to peruse them. don't worry...he's got the kids. the dishes can wait. your success in parenting depends on it. unless your kiddo needs to go potty real, real bad and is in the beginning stages of potty training. then stop reading, and by all means, GO! or you'll have pee all over those original hardwoods and you'll be swearing words they've never heard. :(

read jen hatmaker's hope for spicy families and susie davis' back to school promises for parents blog posts. yes, there are many more fantastic parenting posts and articles out there. i just don't have time to navigate all of them. i'm a TIRED parent of 2 toddlers, and I'm a month and some change away from launching a resume writing/career coaching business. So, I've limited my blog-catching-up time to 6 minutes and 37 seconds 1-2x/week. i've narrowed it down to a few close friends' blogs to see their pics/family updates and some women that speak the TRUTH!!

Jen Hatmarker; my age'ish, lives in Austin, pastor's wife, mom to 5 (2 adopted children from Ethopia), author, speaker, blogger, justice-seeker. and Susie Davis is the wife of the senior pastor of our home church in Austin, ACF, author, blogger/speaker extraordinaire, and gifted chef with some of the BEST recipes eva! Her oldest child is getting married soon, her middle works FT in ministry, and her youngest is in college. Jen and Susie are both anointed, gifted writers. follow them and read their will be so blessed!


i'd like to personally reach out to the brave parents who are in my same boat. the ones who drink way too much coffee to stay awake and think the dirty diapers, vomit, and tantrums will, never, never end.

dear US,

mamas and daddies whose young children flop on the floor, reach new octaves in the height of their determined'ness, and object to every single request presented:

tomorrow, they'll be moving into their dorm room, walking down the aisle, having our first grandchild. i realize this.

we don't need to be wishing these moments away.

and yet, i'm very much guilty of wanting this tantrum-throwing, irrational behavior to hurry up and come on already. sometimes i look at my daughters and i'm all, "if my friend acted like THAT, well, our friendship would be done-zo!

for the love, can we just master the wiping of your own butt 100% of the time without being reminded to do so? i'm tired of bleaching the skid marks. these are girls, y'all. girls.

hold steady with me, my friends and parents of young children. we'll make it!

i've been blessed with friends 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 40 years ahead of us. they climbed their way out of this stage just fine. they are all still alive and so are their children!

we can't forget to BREATHE IN all these precious moments....yes, even in the midst of the CHAOS.

so i've been advised.


last night my oldest daughter asked me to come sit on the side porch with her and swing in our new-to-us glider. i was doing dishes and the type-A in me really wanted to finish them.

she was up 1 hour past her bedtime but she just wanted to talk about the day with her mama, on the porch but of course! she also wanted to snuggle and hug and kiss me. i enjoyed every.single.moment. it was all i could do to not cry happy tears of how precious this moment would be seared in my heart forever.

i wondered....will she remember it?

because i will...for the rest of my life. these days are short; these days are numbered. (Ps 39:4)


no pics to capture the moment i had with my Kennedy last night. no phone camera within reach. just the joy in my heart that a girl who chooses daddy 9.7 times out of 10 when he's an option......CHOSE ME!

{i may or may not have bribed her with a sucker.}

i'm so glad i threw those dirty dishes away to hang with her. now who's having a labor day sale on new plates?