Saturday, July 28, 2012

daddy is home (for R&R)

we just wrapped up a 2-week visit with our favorite guy (who's 10 months into a 14 month deployment to Afghanistan) hubs and daddy! he arrived a day earlier than we were expecting on july 4th, (how appropriate!) to a crowd of 'welcome home' supporters! on the agenda: my niece's first b-day party, visit from my sis ash, morgan's dedication at church, 2-night getaway to hot springs at a quaint little b&b and a hike that almost killed me but with ken's patience and support i made it to the top!; my b-day dinner celebration with extended family hosted by my aunt; trip to chuck e cheese on my actual b-day (kennedy picked the place!); trips to the park, swimming pool, and riding the "chu-chuuuuuu, chuga, chuga, chuga, chuga, chu-chuuuuu"; countless conversations, praying together, making decisions, tears and laughter; fun date nights, church/worship, reading the bible and books to the girls, sleeping in (for me-yes, he's a Godsent angel!); drama on out last night when the a/c went out and we had to get a hotel while a jehovah's witness convention was taking over the town;

... and finally, a goodbye...not as hard this time, or maybe harder. but we definitely managed a "see-you-in-a-little-while" smile because we only have a few more (4) months left. when i said goodbye the first time, 14 months seemed unbearable to me.

i can't quite describe how wonderful, amazing, and hard it was...i'll let the pictures tell the story. (i'm sorry they are not in 2 year old just woke up from her nap and i don't know have time to fix them...darn blogger formatting. :(