Sunday, September 23, 2012

technology-free wednesdays

so for 2 weeks now i have been unplugged on wednesdays. i am loving every minute of it! since ken has been deployed 11 months now, i have most definitely abused texting, facebooking and TV. i justified this excess after chasing 2 girls all day long and being in the brain-fried single-parent mode.

i just need to have mindless entertainment via TV and connect with friends via texting and FB'ing. you know, to make it through another day.

most of you probably wouldn't argue with me on that. i get the girls in bed by 7-7:30 and then cortney time. yep, well deserved indeed. nevermind that i picked up 8 new TV shows last fall and spring, found myself not updating my blog for 6 months, and barely wrote anything on my book.

does all this technology really matter?

sure, i blog, reach out to people via facebook, and have some fun back-and-forth banter while texting. but as my friend reminded me last week...

let's pick up the phone sometime. people still do that?

yes. and YES! and it blessed me 7 times to heaven and back.

i think (ok, i KNOW) i started "talking" to people through facebook. hubby deployed--no problem. i can "talk" to people through facebook.

wednesdays--no texting, no TV, no computer, no facebook (actual human contact in person/phone allowed!). i start off the day with early morning PT and then kennedy and i have a date where we attend a mommy and me gym class. then lunch, naps, and play/reading time. while the girls nap, mommy reads her bible, 4 books that are in the hopper, and ... i pray.

and you know what, for someone who talks a lot, A LOT...i spend some time listening to Jesus.

then i do something i've never done before. kennedy and i attend church where we share a meal with others and dive into the word in our respective toddler and adult bible studies. this means i'm going to 2 services at the church in a week and i've never done this before. ken and i have  been a part of a small group for awhile now, in addition to attending sunday morning service, but i didn't join one when i moved to arkansas. joining a couples group felt weird without my plus 1. i traded small group for a women's bible study which i quit when i had back surgery, and instead of starting a new women's study this fall, i replaced it with serving the hungry through our church's food pantry.

going on 2 weeks now...wednesdays have become my favorite day. this past week however, i blew it, totally out of habit, like a dependence on crack cocaine.

i was in PT early morning and while getting my stimulation, i popped open facebook and posted a lengthy comment to an upsurd question my baby-loss mama friend was asked by an insensitive loon. this crazy lady proceeded to know all things about baby loss and told my friend she didn't need to teach her rainbow twin babies on the way about their sister in heaven. it would be too burdensome and overwhelming for her new babies. oh boy, my friend showed grace. my first gut feeling was to go down to dallas and scream at the idiot. i started out writing this in the comment, but in 3.5 years of walking this road, i too, have learned to let some of the dumb things people say when faced with your stain of losing a child, roll off my back.

as i finished the comment, i proceeded to roll through my news feed and.....oh crap.


the end. and bye-bye facebook.

ya'll know i'm reading jen hatmaker's book, 7, an experimental mutiny against excess with the (in courage) bloom book club. one of the areas of excess jen's family identified was media. you will have to read the book to get the details.

but she says something profound about being plugged in and available all the time:

"honestly, my biggest fear going into media month was that the world might stop turning until i was done, but i discovered others didn't need me to be as wired as i thought. most of my media involvement is simply about me (blah)."

yep, self-absorbed ME. and i think i'm a pretty humble person!

nobody missed me and i bet the majority of you didn't even know i was "gone" on wednesday.

but you know who knew i was here?

my Jesus. "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Zephaniah 3:17

 my hubby. the more time i spend with my man, the more blessed i am. yeah, yeah, we skyped, which meant opening my laptop. he's in afghanistan and the girls and i will take every second we can get to see daddy on the computer! nobody's gonna object to that, right?

my girls. the joy i give them as a completely engaged mama is priceless to both them and me.

instead of my 2-year-old bringing me my phone as if she had just discovered the best gift ever (yuck!), she brought giggles, books, smiles, puzzles and the like.

i found myself being quiet before Jesus. and actually hearing Him.

i slowed down. i actually breathed a lot. deeply. i think i might of even relaxed.

i'm telling ya, i LOVE wednesdays.

won't you consider unplugging 1 day a week? i think you'll find it will be more of a blessing than a burden!!!

if you are reading jen's book 7, then you know it's a media fast for a month. will i consider doing it? maybe. but definitely not during football season. i just ordered the sports add-on package and my hubby is in afghan. yeah, i LOVE football. so do my girls! (pictured below with their cousin demi on the right.) the arkansas fam is trying to convert them to be hogs, but i think our girls will be confused enough with the red raiders, longhorns and midshipmen, don't you think?

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