Thursday, September 13, 2012

go big or go home - ACT NOW!

Monday, Sept 17 (like in FOUR days) marks the 10th time Ken and I can't call our best friend, our son's namesake, Matt Shubzda (google his name if you want to know the whole story), and tell him happy birthday. Oct 18 of this year will mark the 10th anniversary of Matt's Navy accident when his F/A-18 superhornet collided with another, killing all 4 pilots/NFOs, off the coast of Northern California. ok, i actually just told you the story.

if it's one thing matt taught me, GO BIG, or GO HOME!

Ken and i are proud that we found the perfect way to honor matt's family and his widow. we'll reveal that to them privately in december.

Matt was always helping others; gathering money from fellow midshipman to fly Ken's dad out for USNA graduation, taking up a collection in high school for the mentally-challenged boy's new tennis shoes, and sacrificing his $200 bingo earnings and spending all of it to give a family from the angel tree a Christmas, just to name a few. matt would literally give someone the shirt off his back. he lived a life of love, service, and sacrifice. so we're going to honor him.

as for the 10 year markers this year...we're doing this: blessing a 21-year-old widow/single mom with housewarming gifts and cash on Sept 17; and a helping a military family in need with paying bills/groceries showering them with gift cards and cash on Oct 18. (AND I NEED YOUR show them even more love!)

GET READY TO TAKE ACTION! email me at and let me know you're in!

Sept 17 - Matt's Birthday

There is a 21-year-old girl here in Arkansas who works at my PT office where I go 2-3x/wk for my back/shoulder. She has a 3-year-old daughter and she was married in July. TWO DAYS later, again, 2 days, her husband was texting HER while driving and was killed in a head-on collision. I've been talking to her for almost 2 months now about counseling and grieving and heartache and lost dreams. though we don't have similar grief stories, tragic loss has some recurrent themes. mostly I've been in prayer for this sweet girl and her family.


She said she was moving into her own place next week (she's been cramped into a 2bdrm townhouse with her mom, sister, and daughter). We talked about how it would be hard to do this emotionally as it's a place she is not moving into with her husband. I could go on and on...but I won't.

The lights started FLASHING--this is who the Sept 17 donation is going to help. No, she's not military, but she is a widow, starting over. This will honor Matt. Because he left behind a beautiful wife of 4-MONTHS. i'm blessed to be friends with her dating back to 7th grade.

I just need y'all to help me give this girl a fresh start and show her the love of Jesus.

Matt didn't just teach the concept, GO BIG OR GO HOME, he may have invented it. he made me run for class treasurer in high school. he wrote my speech and created my campaign slogan, "bo knows treasury." (he gave me the nickname 'bo' for my maiden name bowen.) come to think of it, he may have thought he WAS bo jackson as they played the same sports. anyway, i was so disappointed for HIM that i didn't win...he worked so hard. (but april was much better qualified for the job!)

i'm not gonna disappoint now. our family is giving a monetary donation and a bunch of our crap to this sweet girl. a drop in the bucket. but i know...

Y'ALL can do so much MORE!! collectively we can.

we can help a widow and single mom try and start a new life.

blame jen hatmaker. she wrote a book about a experimental mutiny against excess. 7 is my new favorite number. and i'm throwing will davis under the bus too. he wrote enough, and yep, we've got enough. do i really need 14 bath towels?

obviously my procrastinating nature is working against me here, but if people pledge they're going to send me a check, i'm gonna count on it. if you say your box of crap you don't need to bless her new home is in the mail, i'll look for it.

and if you're local, i'll be here all day tomorrow and Saturday. i'm gonna give this stuff to her on Sunday in THREE DAYS, (as I cleverly invited her to my church, bribing her with lunch afterwards and letting our wild girls run amuck).

it will be a day before what would have been Matt's 37th birthday.


October 18, 2012 - Anniversary of Matt's accident

did you know that some military enlisted personnel actually qualify for food stamp/WIC assistance because of how little they earn?

we'll be remembering the 10-year anniversary of losing matt, oct 18, 2012, by blessing a local military family here in arkansas. matt always made fun of me for originally being from arkansas before i moved to texas when i was 8 and he became my first friend. it's appropriate we'll be blessing a arkansas military family. :)

hey i know, how about my texas friends get their junk together and maybe we can bless a military family down there in the dallas area (where Matt grew up) on the same date?! better yet, how about you austin folks kick in too and we'll find a military family in need at ft. hood!?!

look for a future blog post with the details to come. i'm not sure of all those details yet ... because God hasn't revealed them. i'm working with some folks who know some folks to identify the family.

if you can't get on board with helping this sweet 21-year-old girl here in Arkansas because it's like in 2 days, i get it. maybe instead you find another widow and/or single mom where you are and bless her. tell me about it, so i can tell matt's family!

do something. like telling me you're sending $20 and actually send it. i'll cover you until it arrives.

do something. like telling me you're putting together boxes of 4T, 5T, 6 and so on clothes to bless her daughter with future wardrobes and actually box it up and ship it. i'll tell her its on the way.

do something. like buying a gift card and actually dropping it in the mail. i'll tell her to start making a shopping list for that store.

i'm so tired of the church saying they are going to do something and just sit there in their chair/pew/theater seat saying "oh, isn't that nice." after church they go back to their christian-in-a-box life.

i'm so tired of the way that I sit in a christian conference and say, oh wow, yeah...that's a great idea...mark that one for later.

then i put that little idea up on a shelf, sit on my ass, and do nothing with it.

yuck. it makes me sick to my stomach.

i wanna jump when Jesus says to. even if it means functioning in the realm of chaos and short deadlines.

can you imagine standing before Jesus and him asking why you didn't get your act together to help so-and-so and your answer being--

i was too rushed! it didn't fit into our busy schedule that weekend! i didn't want to let go of my stuff!

no thanks.

let's be a church of Jesus that identifies a need and ...


and let me know how you're going to help today!!

OR you can go to my FB page and let me know you're in!

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