Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i like small breasts

...chicken breasts that is. before you stop reading because you think i'm going to go on and on about chicken sandwiches, give me another shot. and i promise it's not about to get all x-rated up in here.

i like small, hormone free, caged free chickens. small chicken breasts. grass fed cows. and rGBH hormone-free milk and most certainly, pesticide-free organic fruits and veggies.

i've gone to like 4 stores here in arkansas to *try* and get these groceries. it's not always easy. but the little research i did (because who has time?), sold me.

i love earth's best sticker on morgan's oatmeal cereal box. "no GEI." that's genetically engineered ingredients. genetically what? doesn't that just sound scary?

and the research about these growth hormones in our cows and chickens and the effects on little girls reaching puberty early is appalling. where are the regulations?? no i'm not an expert, i'm just an aware, concerned, taking-action mom. i'm not going to show up on the capital steps in protest (because i'll never again fly by myself with 2 small children), but i can make healthy decisions for my family. and i can tell you about it because i have this little blog.

my husband is completely on board with this now. he recently read Dr. Colbert's book, "The Seven Pillars of Health" and made me cliff notes because he knew I'm having trouble finishing the 8 books I'm currently reading. God Bless Him! the pillars of health (in this order): water, exercise and sleep, LIVING FOOD, exercise, detoxification, nutritional supplements, and coping with stress. this book covers a gamut of solid info, biblically based and medically proven. put it in your amazon cart today!

i'm not a nutrional expert...i'm still learning. my friend laura is on a mission trip right now or i would have this info on hand with a nice little hyperlink to the book that changed the way their family thought about food. we're on the same page. (and i promise to update this post with that info when she gets back.)

my dad has funny opinions. he told me that buying all this organic food would later screw up the girls in some way we're not aware of right now. hmmmm. i chose my words carefully.

the thing is that no, i'm not going to ever achieve 100% organic, hormone-free because they go to preschool, friends' and family's houses, and sometimes (like 5 times) i've even given her a McD's cheeseburger and fries. GASP! just yesterday she got to experience an in-and-out burger for the first time. APPALLING, right? but what i do know is that my dad's generation, maybe even during the early years while i was growing up, one did not have to worry so much about hormone-free and organic.
the American farmer has gotten out of control with creating bigger and better to gain more profits because the squeeze they have from the government. i'm not writing this to create controversy or make a political statement. wonder why so many people are gluten intolerant these days? how about the way wheat seeds are created? remember that statement from morgan's oatmeal cereal box? no 'genetically engineered ingredients.' amen.

i realize not everyone can afford to buy organic. trust me, it's a stretch in our budget and we're currently working it out. we'll make sacrifices. but nutrition and the girls' preschool, below tithing/giving and investing/saving, have become my #3 and #4 priorities. even if you can't afford "organic" look for milk that is rGBH (hormone) free. it's a start.

i recently bought a vegetable from, as an experiement. i left it in my crisper for 9 weeks and it appeared to be ok. seriously? how does it get that kind of shelf life? i can't even think about it.

here's an article talking about what to buy organic and what is not necessarily essential to buy all-natural. it covers the "dirty dozen" fruits/veggies you should, and the "clean 15" that tested low in pesticide residue.

if enough people demand a change, what could we do? no hormones, no crazy engineered ingredients. back to the basics. old school. if you're politically driven, write a letter to your congressman. just start talking about it.

bigger isn't always better. getting more out of our food is not the answer. big breasts, big cows, big eggs. it's not my thing.

is it yours?

check these sites in your free time. and if you have suggestions, PLEASE send them to me. i'll review them and add them to this post.


Anonymous said...

Wish you were closer. I would give you all the organic vegetables, organic eggs, and home grown chicken that you need. The eggs are brown, big, and come from range grazed chickens. Who knew that raising as much of your own food would be the demand now? Love you, Kathleen

Henninger Family said...

There is a movie called Food Nation {I think}. It goes over how the food industry works - crazy disguesting. One of the best things I have learned to do it to find out when a fruit or vegetable is in season - that's when I buy and freeze them for later. I usually buy in bulk at the Farmer's Market for that reason. If a fruit or vegetable is not in season it makes you wonder how they can be sold at our local grocery store, right? Think about all the chemicals that have been added...
You can also check out your local Co-Ops or CSA for fresh, local, and organic foods. Meats, eggs, dairy, f/v - it can be better than buying {and cheaper} from a store.

Becke said...

Love this post! I''ve been battling this too. I really want to switch our family to a 'whole food' diet, but in our area it comes with a very high price tag. So, I do what I can. Thanks for the book recommendation I'm going to the library today to look for it. My 'aha' moment was when I watched Food, inc. Very eye opening!

Dianebob said...

Another good one to watch is "Forks over Knives". It's on Netflix streaming and focuses primarily on the health benefits of eating this way.
I think the choice to switch to an organic, whole foods, mostly plant based diet is one of priorities (when it comes to finances). We forgo a lot of other things to make this diet possible, b/c it's so important for overall well-being. My kids have not been to a doctor in over a year--neither have I--they are so strong and healthy and we all sleep really well. When I first switched to this way of eating, I honestly thought I was having some kind of brain tumor b/c my libido went OFF THE CHARTS. (probably TMI;-)
I drive an eight year old car, my children's clothes are mostly hand-me-downs from friends, my bathroom floors are still linoleum, but we eat REALLY well.

Cathy, Kris, Rose and Grace said...

This summer I vowed to eat more locally, and whenever possibly organicly. I've been going to the farmers market on riva rd every Tuesday morning with gracie. My proof the stuff is way better? When grace eats a supermarket apple, she spits out the skin. The farmers market apple? She devours the whole thing. I have to wrestle the core away from her. It just tastes, well, better. And I also/planted a garden for the first time. Rose loves cucumbers from my garden, but wont eat one in a restaraunt. Coincidence? I think not!

Miss you guys! Glad you're headed back here soon(ish)!

Hugs, cathy, rosie and gracie