Friday, May 11, 2012

disappearing act

has it really been 5 months since my last post? yes! i have redefined blog slacker! i guess as a busy single mom, i find that i have just snippets of time to update facebook with a quick status and a few photos so daddy and everyone else can see our growing girls.

so here's a recap of the last 5 months:
1) kennedy turned 2 on april 4 and she is talking so much. such a beautiful, energetic and fun girl and she can instantly put a smile on your face.
2) morgan is now 6 months old (almost 7 on the 17th), and she began eating solids a couple weeks ago and i'm still nursing her. she is THE EASIEST BABY EVER! napping well, sleeping through the night, and loves her veggies. this week she gets introduced to fruits and i know she'll love them! she quite possibly has the best laugh ever and her favorite entertainment is watching her big sister dance and make faces at her.
3) i had to have back surgery about 5 weeks ago due to a very large herniated disc. i had the surgery in dallas and after a few days i came back and the girls and i moved in with my dad and stepmom because i cannot lift either one of them for 6 weeks. it's been a harder recovery that i expected but just in the last few days i have started to feel a ton better. in a couple weeks i can begin swimming for exercise and lift the girls. i can't wait to do that! hugging them from a sitting position while they sit next to me is just not cutting it anymore.
4) ken's doing well in afghanistan and just in recent weeks, it feels like time is going by very quickly! in less than 2 months he will be home for a 2-week R&R and we can't wait!!! we're going to take the girls to the tulsa zoo and aquarium and he and i are going to sneak away for 2 nights to hot springs. i can't express how excited we are and how much this visit is so very needed.

i leave you with a few pictures from the last several months...

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