Friday, January 6, 2012

turning 3

happy birthday to our precious son, matthew phillip. we love you so very much and even still, the missing does not get any easier around this time of year. i still remember the day you made me a mommy like it was yesterday. some days i wish i could hang onto that day forever.

i look around the play room watching your two sisters and wish you could be here with them. i know kennedy would especially love playing with her big brother! all of our sadness with not having you here on earth, thankfully, does not end there. we are comforted knowing that one day we will have a sweet reunion with you in heaven. what a glorious day that will be.

you make me so proud sweet baby boy. i love you so very, very much. ~ your mama


Liz said...

sweet boy- thank you for gracing your parents with knowing you. you have changed every heart that you met and so many more that you didn't. happy birthday in Heaven little man! <3 <3

Codi Kuss said...

I thought & prayed for all of you many, many times throughout the day. These special days are bitter sweet I'm sure. Happy Birthday Matthew!

Ken Schwalbe said...

John 11:35 "Jesus wept."
Not for Lazarus who had died, but for his family and friends who were mourning their loss.
Son, I cherish the day when we will reunite. I can’t even imagine the splendor of Heaven that you will be able to introduce us to. Happy Birthday!

Carly said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Your cake is beautiful.