Tuesday, May 3, 2011

project 365 - day 123

two nights ago ken came and got me out of bed (although i wasn't quite asleep) and he said, "bin laden is dead!" i quickly got out of bed and joined ken on the couch glued to the t.v. watching the news. after almost 10 years of hunting the top terrorist of the world, they got him.

today i am thankful for all of our military personnel, especially the special operations personnel like seal team 6 who put their lives on the line every single day they serve. thank you for being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. i want to extend heartfelt gratitude to those who have served, past and present, and especially those who have given their lives so that we can live the lives we are accustomed to day in and day out. to the wives and families of these men, thank you for your service and support of your husbands so that they can go out and execute these difficult missions. your sacrifice is much greater than one i will ever know.

my prayers and thoughts continue to be with all of our military men and women as they honorably serve our country fighting this war on terrorism. may God bless you and protect you. thank you for every day you serve and every sacrifice you make. your work does not go unnoticed by this grateful nation.

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