Sunday, April 10, 2011

project 365 - day 100 (!!!!)

well, it's official, i am way slacking in keeping up with my project 365. i'm fearlessly (ok, well, maybe not fearlessly) trying to catch please bear with me.

but we're here at day 100...and i can officially tell you why i'm been a blog slacker.

i've been...




and in need of


all because i'm...

we're excited to meet baby schwalbe #3 on oct. 7! and we're very glad ken will be here for the birth. but we are bummed he will have to leave for a 1-year deployment to afghanistan only a few days later. :(

please pray for this baby and pregnancy, as it is always a bit nerve racking for us. because of my thin uterus when i delivered kennedy, the doctor is delivering me 4 weeks early at 36 weeks. this baby will be considered a preemie by 1 week (37 is full term), so please pray for the baby's development and that he/she would not have to spend any time in the NICU.

today, on this 100th day of project 365, i'm so thankful God has granted another life to grow inside of me and we can't wait to meet him/her. (btw, we're not finding out!) God's blessings continue to move me.

thanks so much for your prayers sweet friends! i know i can count on them because all of you are so faithful. love you all!


Henninger Family said...

Congratulations! He/She will be born on my birthday :)

Marianne B Dean said...

Fantastic, fantastic news! Thrilled for you and Ken, and so glad he will be there for the birth. Love ya friend!

Carly said...


Liz said...

great news!!!!