Saturday, March 26, 2011

project 365 - day 85

date night!

i have to admit, all afternoon i was counting down the minutes until 5pm when the babysitter arrived and ken and i left for our date night. we haven't been out in 3 months (yikes!) and we really needed a night out. we love to go to dinner and a movie so that's what we planned. we tried out a restaurant i had been wanting to go to and we indulged in a basket of tater tots with cheese, bacon, chives and ranch dressing for an appetizer. yes, it was unhealthy, but dang, it was GOOD! :)

afterwards we went to go see the king's speech and we really enjoyed it. a great movie about friendship and overcoming the impossible. and if the tater tot calories weren't enough, i had a double scoop of vanilla with fresh strawberries after the movie. double yum.

it's so fun to spend time by ourselves. we're certainly going to be more intentional about going on 1-2 date nights a month for the next 6 months before ken leaves for afghanistan. now if i could just find a great but less popular babysitter...ours is booked a lot!

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