Thursday, March 24, 2011

project 365 - day 83

i'm not really one to tell people how to do something, but with this subject matter, i feel pretty strongly. when you lose a child, i have no idea how you're supposed to get through this alone. however, i do know with the help of a counselor i have been able to come to terms with our loss and accept it. i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have come to this place just talking to ken or family members or friends.

truth is, a counselor is there to listen and if we want, we can really just dump everything on them. they're paid to do this. and the really good ones, will help you identify why you feel certain things and how to deal with those feelings. i have been truly blessed to be in counseling now for 21 months but i am now coming to a place where both my counselor and i feel like my time is coming to an end. i saw my first counselor for about 10 months but because she was a captain in the navy reserves, she was called to active duty in afghanistan. i was nervous to change counselors but she, too, is wonderful.

i can honestly say i believe anyone who has lost a child needs to see a counselor. i think a professional is the best person to help you deal with what you're feeling. i am thankful for the counselors i have had in my life, to help me release my anger, come to a place of acceptance, and move forward in life looking for opportunities and joy God has planned for my life.