Saturday, March 19, 2011

project 365 - day 78

so today it got cold again and since hubby had the babe most of the day, i took some time to catch up on a few shows. one of those was a previously recorded oprah from the fall. oprah teamed up with michelle obama and tom brokaw to do a show on supporting the troops and their sacrifices, as well as what the public can do to show our support.

i mean how hard is it to volunteer at a hospital helping soldiers recover or make a meal for a family whose loved one is deployed?

it really got me thinking about all the sacrifices the troops have made and continue to make for us. i've had it easy compared to other military families and have only had to endure two 6-month deployments. and both times, ken was not deployed in a combat zone. the community in which ken serves is so incredibly family friendly because there are very few deployments. i often say if ken had stayed in aviation, we would not be married. my heart goes out to all the wives who have to keep it together for mulitple deployments over the course of their husband's career. i'm so thankful for these military personnel and their families and all of the sacrifices they make.

in just 6 months i'll know what this feels like first-hand. ken will be leaving for afghanistan in october for one year. yes, an entire year. ughh. i know it's going to be hard and i plan on moving to nw arkansas to be close to my family for support. i think what i'll be most sad about is ken missing so much of kennedy's life. but i'm thankful my husband wants to serve his country in this capactiy and i look forward to see how God will bless our lives during this time.

thank you to all of the soliders, sailors, and marines who so faithfully serve our country! you all are always in my prayers.

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Carly said...

Thanks for this post Cort! My husband is still in Afghanistan. I'll be thinking of you in Oct. I know, I don't know how these people do multiple deployments and multiple 12-14 month ones at that. I agree, I think it would be great for all americans to support and remember them more often, I think their sacrifices are overlooked way too often.