Tuesday, March 15, 2011

project 365 - day 74

i hope all of you have a sweet husband like mine who doesn't mind jumping in to help. today i am thankful for ken cooking dinner (tacos) while i ran out to the grocery store. he also took care of my second least favorite chores of all time...emptying the dishwasher. i don't really know why i hate doing this ~ maybe it was those daily chore lists mom left us in the summertime: 1) empty d.w. 2) vacuum l.r. 3) fold laundry. and to this day, i don't really care for doing any of these household tasks.

thanks hubby...you are such a great help to me. i love you very much!

p.s. check back over the next week. as you can see i missed 9 days of entries over the last week since i was out of town so i will be back-dating posts to catch up.

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