Saturday, March 5, 2011

project 365 - day 64

thankful for my uncle paul
back row: paul, tommy (dad), doug
front row: almedda (stepmom), me, ashley
picture taken in april 2008

today we buried my uncle paul, my dad's brother, in hendersonville, tn, next to his son, chad, and 20 feet from johnny & june cash. the weather matched our hearts and moods...rain, rain, rain. when it would let up to just a sprinkle, a big downpour would come and mini-lakes would form all around us.

this is the first funeral i've been to since matthew died and honestly i was nervous. i was afraid i would inappropriately or unexpectedly breakdown in a pool of tears. i prayed the day before and the day of, especially for my aunt, cousin, and my dad, and then i prayed for myself. i wanted to grieve my uncle and celebrate his life without letting the emotions of attending a funeral overcome me. i was only able to stay in the main sanctuary of the service for about 3 mins before kennedy started talking so loud that i got multiple looks that said "hit the road." thankfully the chapel had a back foyer separated by a half-wall to the main sanctuary and i was able to see and hear the entire funeral while kennedy played on the floor.

the service was beautiful. God really met me in that moment and even though i did listen to the pastor's words(for the most part), i kept daydreaming of my uncle in heaven, completely free from the aches and pains of his earthly body, reunited with his son who died 2 1/2 years ago. i even pictured him holding little matthew phillip and it made me smile. uncle paul had this great smile and even better laugh and that's exactly how i pictured him in heaven. full of joy...finally complete.

my uncle came to know christ after chad's death when he started attending church near his home. he told me all about it when we stayed with them in the summer of '09. that was the last time i saw him. it was such a great visit and i was glad he was so excited to share with me the new eternal hope he had in Jesus.

please pray for my cousin, his wife, and my aunt. my uncle's sudden death due to a heart attack, definitely stings as they are still grieving the loss of their son/brother, chad.

we all love you very much uncle paul. you will be dearly missed but we look forward to reuniting with you in heaven. i am so thankful we share an eternal hope in our Savior.

two brothers who really loved each other

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