Thursday, March 3, 2011

project 365 - day 62

i am thankful for the bible

what a powerful tool we have in the bible. currently i am in a women's bible study and we are going through "the patriarchs" by beth moore. it's been such a rich blessing to my life to learn about my heritage in the Lord. i have known the general stories of abraham, issac, and jacob since my days in sunday school. what i didn't know is how unbelievably human they (and all of their wives and children) are! i am incredibly encouraged when i read about behaviors in each them that i myself have mirrored. it makes me realize that while God loved each of them and their imperfections, he also loves me just as much. really? well, yes, he does!

i am thankful for the written word of the bible where we can find characters who resemble ourselves, where we can find words to help us in sticky situations, and where we discover promises that have been and will be delivered.

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