Monday, February 28, 2011

project 365 - day 59

today i am thankful for my friend laura

happy birthday to my beautiful friend laura! if you have every heard my testimony, laura is my friend who brought me back to the Lord in 2004. while the guys were on their first deployment, laura invited me to church. even though i hadn't been in several years, she took it easy on me. she didn't even flinch when i showed up with a margarita hangover or wet hair because i was running late. laura is the best example of loving someone right where they are. remind you of anyone? exactly. Jesus. she has done such an amazing job of being the most non-judgmental, loving friend i have known. she is always an encourager, incredibly faithful to pray, and her smile is contageous! i love you!

happy birthday my sweet friend!!

i can't wait to see you next week! the picture above is when kennedy was 5 weeks old and laura brought her 3 amazing peeps down to meet her. we saw each other again in september but i guess we forgot to take pictures! looking forward to taking many next week.

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