Saturday, February 26, 2011

project 365 - day 57

today i wasn't feeling all that great and my sweet husband got up early with kennedy, let me sleep in, and when i woke up he made me breakfast. then later when i still didn't feel well and my head was pounding, i took a nap leaving him flying solo. today my husband took care of everything, including poopy diapers and messy feedings. late in the afternoon my headache went away and i felt a ton better. instead of having his choice of outback takeout, my hubby let me decide and he picked up yummy cheesecake factory food (and of course dessert!) i am thankful i had a day to be a slug with virtually no responsibilities because i have a sweet, wonderful husband who doesn't shy away from the heavy lifting. :) thank you honey...i love you!

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Anonymous said...

Reading this makes my heart happy. Do you know that one of my daily prayers for my kids when they were growing up was to be good dads and mom? I still pray for that. I am proud of my son. Also proud of him for stepping up and doing what he can to help you. I am especially thankful that he has you for his wife. Hugs to all, Kathleen