Friday, February 25, 2011

project 365 - day 56

thankful when God says yes

sometimes i believe things with God are more probable than they are possible. what that means is i doubt God's perfect timing in His plan for my life. i ask God for something but instead of believing He will give it to me, i doubt and my earnest prayers start to sound like begging. however when the very thing i pray for is given to me, i'm so thankful, but honestly sometimes i'm almost surprised.

why would i be surprised? God wants to bless his children. i found this quote from melissa j. a blogger for that i thought was really great:

"oh, that You would bless me indeed..."

you can hear almost hear the cry of Jabez' heart to God, "bless me indeed." as bruce wilkinson shares in his book "the prayer of jabez," some might view this prayer as a bit selfish. but God wants us to come to Him. just as our children know they can come to us for their needs to be met, it's okay to ask our heavenly Father for our needs to be met as well. how would you love to have your children seek you for your wisdom, relationship and desire for what is good in their lives? this is what jabez appears to be doing before God. He acknowledges that God is the giver of goodness and blessing.

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