Tuesday, February 22, 2011

project 365 - day 53

i'm painfully aware i hold myself back. so many times i say no because of my fears. i'm not sure if i will be successful at something so rather than risk failure, i don't risk anything at all. i just say no. can anyone relate?

i often wonder how much more we would get accomplished if we weren't always focused on our insecurities and shortcomings. if God is asking something of us, how can we think he would just abandon us and wish us luck. often the only thing God needs from us is....yes. he just needs a willing heart. there's not a verse in the bible i know of that says, "i can do all things through myself."

sometimes saying yes doesn't mean you'll find success. sometimes our saying yes is met with failure and that failure serve a purpose. to teach us something about ourselves, others, and life.

i'm thankful for a God who is patient with me, who doesn't lose it when my stubbornness or doubt shines through. when i say i'm not sure, he graciously takes me by the hand and says....I am.

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