Sunday, February 20, 2011

project 365 - day 51

let me be honest, i'm just thankful i'm still disciplined enough to be doing project 365. LOL! i knew it was going to be quite an undertaking to write something i am thankful for each day. especially since i don't even like to open up the laptop every day.

sure, i've fallen behind a day or two here and there (actually this post is a catch-up written the day after...ahhh, the irony!), but i'm so thankful i am still determined to continue with this project. why? well, honestly i had no idea it was going to change my perspective on life this much. each day i am constantly looking for something to be thankful for. and guess what? while i'm looking for something to be thankful for, i'm less focused on something to complain about or something negative. thank you Jesus for putting this project in my mind! i'm so excited to see how it continues...and we're only on day 51! :)

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