Saturday, February 19, 2011

project 365 - day 50

thankful for great friends

this weekend our friends bill and joni came to annapolis to introduce 1 month old liam. bill's mom, brother, and one of his sisters (and her husband and daughter) live here so we get to see them pretty often. it was great to be able to share a wonderful meal (thanks cynthia!) and some laughs with them. even if at one point, 4 kids were upstairs crying! liam had grown to be 7lbs 5oz and his adorable big brother jack continued to dote on him. we love these boys; seems kennedy will be able to choose between an older man or a younger one when she gets older. :)

we are so blessed by the danjczek's...they are the kind of friends you want to grow old with. loyal, caring, and generous. (bummer, i didn't get a picture of us this time.)

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