Friday, February 11, 2011

project 365 - day 42

so yesterday i discovered i had a mullet. yep, i definitely had a carol brady mullett. i have been growing my hair out since september to once again donate to locks of love like i did in the spring but i just haven't had the time to go get it cut and shaped. so, as a result of my neglect, the back kept growing forming the carol brady mullet. when i straightened it to go to a playdate with some old friends i decided it looked awful and grabbed my best scissors, (fabric cutting ones!) and whacked it off.

the result...yikes!!
somehow when blowed dry, you couldn't tell how uneven it was. thankfully my friend candace felt comfortable enough to come and even it out today until i can go and get it cut. yay! today i am thankful for a better haircut. thanks candace! sorry, we didn't take an after picture...but trust me, it looks so much better!

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