Sunday, February 6, 2011

project 365 - day 37

thankful for football!

tonight marks the end of football watching for me and this always make me a little sad. although i prefer college football, the nfl gives me a month more of watching my favorite sport. unless it's the cowboys i don't get too excited about the nfl. and by excited i mean obsessive-crazy!

football is a time of friends and family gathering and yelling loudly at an inanimate object, where winners are heros and losers are chopped liver. it's just pure greatness to me! and tonight it all comes to an end. now what am i supposed to watch in the afternoons and evenings on saturday and sunday? golf? i.don'

i won't tell you who i'm rooting for in tonight's game...but i will tell you that their jerseys reflect a yellow'ish color ;-)

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