Saturday, February 5, 2011

project 365 - day 36

thankful for opportunity

well, now that i have most of my equipment, i have launched my photography business! exciting and scary all at once. i have loved photography for as long as i can remember and after fine-tuning my skills in a formal classroom setting, i have set out to make some money at this.

i'm thankful for this opportunity and pray that it goes well! please visit my photography blog at (this will serve as my website for awhile until i make some money and can afford to have someone construct my website for me.) anyone do this for a living and want to swap for some free photography?

if you're on facebook, please go and "like" me too. i'm listed as Captured by Cort Photography. thanks everyone. now enough shameless plugs for was your day?

did you find someone to be a recipient of your random act of kindess yet?

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