Friday, February 4, 2011

project 365 - day 35

thankful for an unexpected gesture

today when i went to the mailbox, i opened up a card from the spca of anne arundel county and i was sure i was opening up a solicitation for a donation.

instead, it was a card notifying me a donation had been made to them in memory of our sweet echo, given by a sweet neighbor down the street i have had maybe 10 conversations with since we moved in 14 months ago. every single day this woman comes over to our neighbor's house across the street who has to use a walker and walks with her and her dog. she's the kind of person you're honored to know.

who couldn't use an unexpected gift, gesture, call, or letter? is there someone you can think of that needs a simple act of kindness today? ok then, do it. :) it will make their day!

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