Monday, January 3, 2011

operation thankful ~ project 365

so i've been looking for something that will get me more motivated and disciplined to write on this blog more often.

i think i've found just the solution. i just read this article and thought, what a novel idea!

i've never been great at being disciplined enough to do something each day, e.g., cooking dinner, having a quite time, taking a shower...etc. well, i guess i do manage to brush my teeth just about every day so there's something! :)

each day i'm going to write about someone or something i am thankful for. it may be a short brief entry or it might be something i want to share with you that comes from the innermost part of my heart.

who knows what this will do. but i'm willing to bet, like john kralik this will change my perspective...maybe even my life!

can't we all afford to be a little more thankful in this life?

(thanks to my friend sandra who posted an article about john's journey and book, which gave me the idea!)

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