Sunday, January 9, 2011

project 365 - day 9

thankful for grandma minnie

today i am thankful for grandma minnie schmidt! today is her birthday and she is 80+ (not sure she wants me to tell exactly how old she is!) doesn't she look fabulous? she is pictured here with ken's brother tony who is holding 2-month-old kennedy.

grandma minnie is ken's maternal grandmother and his only living grandparent. we thought grandma minnie had a heart attack about a month ago. it turned out she had a decreased heart rate and had to have a pacemaker put in. we were all so thankful that she was ok. so today i am thankful for grandma minnie's life and the strong foundation she is in our family. she is very active and joyful, and family is a very important aspect of her life.

back in november we dedicated kennedy at our church. we were so honored that she was the most recent grandchild (out of 20-something) who was able to wear this special baptismal gown. it was made from grandma minnie's wedding dress. while grandma wasn't able to make the trip here, we know she was with us in spirit. we stood before God and our family and friends and committed ourselves to raising our daughter to know Jesus. it was so special to us that we were able to do this while kennedy wore this dress because of the important role faith is in grandma minnie's life. we will always cherish this memory.

happy birthday grandma minnie! we love you so much!!

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