Saturday, January 8, 2011

project 365 - day 8

thankful for family time and laughter

today we had one of those great, mostly lazy days (minus my 3 hour excursion to the grocery store and target). i got up with kennedy at 6:30 and while taking her bottle she fell back asleep, which she sometimes does if she wakes before 7:30. she was fast asleep by 7am and i was too by 7:10. it was great to go back to sleep since i was tired from watching the texas a&m vs. lsu cotton bowl game from the night before. when kennedy woke at 8:30 ken got up with her while i tried to go back to sleep. i couldn't so i got up and i joined ken and kennedy playing in the game room. i love our game room because it's bright and cheery and this particular saturday morning it was snowing.

it took me a minute to realize but ken's choice of wardrobe for kennedy was hilarious. he had her in a nice turtleneck that normally goes under a fancy gymboree dress she was given. instead, over the turtleneck he put striped, unmatching white, yellow and green pants on her that stopped at her calves. i thought i had put away all of her 6 month or under clothes but i didn't. ken put these 0-3 month pants on her and they looked like capris. since she has a skinny little waste (unlike her momma) she was able to fit into them, nevermind that they were 6 inches too short. all of this topped off by these awesome pink and white plaid socks. this outfit, and just thinking about my husband trying hard to come up with matching clothes to dress our daughter makes me laugh, HARD! see below ~ evidence of the rockin' threads! :)

ken then made us swedish pancakes and we had the yummy raspberry sauce and choke cherry syrup his mom sent us from north dakota. we also had eggs over easy and bacon. don't you think everything is better with bacon? well, i do! kennedy had a good long morning nap and we all stayed in our pj's until noon.

i am thankful on this cold, snowy day i was able to spend the morning with my wonderful family. and this just doesn't get any better!

**  having trouble uploading the video...will try again later.


Susie Davis said...

Cort - what's project 365?! How'd I miss that?

Cort said...

hi susie, i started it on jan 1.

each day i'm going to write a blog entry for something i am thankful for that day.

hopefully i can keep up because i really like how it makes me think about the great things i'm thankful for in each day. :)

Henninger Family said...

She is so adorable!!