Thursday, January 6, 2011

project 365 - day 6...our sweet matthew's 2nd birthday

thankful for my precious son

today i am thankful for the privilege it was to give birth to our firstborn~our sweet precious son, matthew phillip. i am thankful that out of all the people in the world, God chose me to be his mom and give him life.

of course this 2nd birthday is bittersweet because we would much rather have him here blowing out his own candles. we would rather be a family of 4 celebrating his special day instead of a family who will be missing a member at the dinner table tonight. i dream of what it would be like to bring the cake over to the table tonight and have kennedy stare at her big brother wondering what the glimmering lights are on the cake. his perfect birthday celebration is one that is only in my dreams.

but in reality, he IS having the perfect birthday celebration with Jesus. this perfect reality is one that i cannot understand because i am temporarily here in this world. my idea of perfect is to have him here with me, complete with candles, #2 balloons and sweet little smiles, hugs, and kisses all the days of my life. but God's perfect plan for His children is to be with Him in heaven. my son just got an early ticket there. when i think of the happiest day of my life and realize each day of my sweet son's life is infinitely better than my best day, i am comforted. he knows no pain, sadness, humiliation, depression, embarrassment, or anger. there with his Heavenly Father, my son knows only joy, fulfillment, and happiness each and every day of his life.

happy 2nd birthday sweet son!

tonight we will be celebrating your birthday with your sister and mommy got you an ice cream cake! we love you so much and are so proud God gave us your precious life on this day two years ago. what a privilege it is to be your parents. only love, my son. only love...


Liz said...

happy birthday baby boy!!!

Codi Kuss said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! How wonderful to get older, but never grow older!

Dianebob said...

Happy Birthday to your precious son. I think of him often.