Monday, January 31, 2011

project 365 - day 31

thankful for someone waiting

ok, i'll be the first to admit it, this post might be a little mushy. today ken was home from work sick (first time since i've known him that he's taken a sick day) and while kennedy took her nap i ran out to target and office depot.

just below our living room window is a bench. this bench was for echo to jump up and look out the window. one of my favorite things about her is that every time i would be pull up to the house she would be perched up on the bench looking out the window. as soon as she saw me in sight, she would get excited, jump down and meet me at the door. i've been a little down the last few days when i drove up and didn't see her in the window.

today when i came home, there my ken was waving to me from the window. and before you picture him perched up on the bench on his hind legs, don't. :) he was just standing there...waiting for me to come home.

today i am thankful for someone who was waiting for me at the window.

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