Sunday, January 30, 2011

project 365 - day 30

thankful for david

for about a year now we have been attending a small group through our church. our weekly meeting, right after the early service, blesses me each week. it's a community of people who love and care for me, and together we walk through life together striving to know Christ on a deeper level. it's a place i can go and feel safe and secure to express my opinions and emotions and not be judged.

today we concluded a study on david. i am struck by one final conclusion about david...God still loved him and chose to use him despite the mess he made. i can completely relate. :)

and the one reason i think God continued to bless david and use him: his willingness and devotion to God. david is know as a "man after God's own heart."

david inspires me to want to know God more. david makes me want to be willing. it's not an easy road...sometimes it's frightening to say yes to God. one of the hardest obstacles to overcome after a life full of screwing up, is to believe God can still use you. and newsflash, you're going to continue to screw up! when i remind myself of this, i can step back and take another breath.

i don't believe anyone can get so far away from God that He can't  forgive, redeem and bless you. if you're out there thinking you can't be used because of this and that, it's probably worth it to read about the life of david.

you might actually discover yourself somewhere in there.

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