Friday, January 28, 2011

project 365 - day 28

thankful for echo memories

today it is very hard to find something i am thankful for. i just miss my sweet dog. and no offense to anyone out there, but i have just about decided the month of january least for us.

i got up this morning and when i walked into the kitchen and echo's food and water bowls weren't there, i started crying. that dog really secured a special place in my heart. tonight after dinner i wondered who i would give my pizza crusts to because she wasn't here at my feet begging for them. and trust me tonight, she would have loved plate flipped off my lap and 2 pieces landed on the floor. she would have eaten them in 2 seconds flat.

before we went to bed last night i started crying telling ken i wished we had just brought her home to die and i thought we made a mistake by putting her down. i was emotional. i know it was better that she go in peace but i was just having a hard time letting go.

yesterday the vet told me she was sorry because she knew echo was like a child to us...yep, she was our first.

today i am thankful for the memories of sweet echo.

i leave you with a cute video of kennedy (6 mos) eating sweet potatoes for the first time and echo supervising.

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