Thursday, January 27, 2011

project 365 - day 27

thankful for sweet beagle girl echo

when i woke up today, i didn't realize that by mid-afternoon we'd be saying goodbye to our sweet beagle girl. my heart is broken.
in december 2005 we adopted echo when she was approximately 6 years old from austin hound rescue. just a year later, we packed her up and headed to greece. she loved it there because she chased all the stray kitties and goats in the neighborhood.

everyone loved echo...she was the sweetest, most atypical beagle in the world. meaning she didn't howl or dig. she did beg for food and never met a bag a chips she couldn't devour. we used to have pizza parties all the time and once she jumped on the table and ate an entire pizza! that night she laid on the cold tile floor and it seemed like her belly really hurt. two weeks later, she did the same thing, except this time, she only ate the toppings. guess she was going low carb. :)

she was nose to the ground on her walks but we grew to love it. when we got her her very own kitty in greece, morris, she was in love.

ken was more of her favorite until i got pregnant with matthew and then she was all about me.

when we lost matthew, she knew just how to comfort me. she would jump up on the couch and sit real close to me. i remember day after day when her affection would ease my tears.

when we moved back to annapolis last summer we found out that she had developed a significant heart murmur. she went on heart meds but we knew she wouldn't be with us for many more years.
i think echo was well aware of my pregnancy with kennedy even before we were. when we brought her home, she loved kennedy almost as much as we did.

lately kennedy got to where she was pulling up on echo trying to ride her like a horsey and pulling her ears but echo didn't mind. maybe it was because she knew she could sit at kennedy's feet when she was eating and have all the droppings she wanted to.

today ken went to take her on her morning walk and they got as far as the end of the driveway when she collapsed and kind of had a seizure. we took her to the vet and found out she was in heart failure and there wasn't really anything they could do to help her and that she was uncomfortable.

so we made a very hard decision and decided to say goodbye versus bringing her home to have another episode and die under distress. we were with her the whole time and it was very hard.

echo was probably the best dog that anyone could have asked for. she lived through a whole lot of life with us and brought us through lots of tears. i know everyone says that their dog is the best, but truly, she was amazing. we will miss her so much. rest in peace sweet beagle girl.


Kristi Williams said...

I'm in tears. What a beautiful testimonial for a member of your family. I'm sure she was as blessed by you as you were by her. Prayers being said as you mourn your sweet girl.

Paula said...

Oh dear Cortney and Ken. Thank you so much for sharing your story of Echo. I loved reading it and it brought me to tears. It's amazing how dogs have such insight.
My heart is heavy for you....