Thursday, January 20, 2011

project 365 - day 20

thankful for sleep and coffee

today kennedy slept until 8:37 (well actually it was 8:42 but they didn't have a graphic for that on google images!) and i got to sleep in. she goes to bed between 6:30-7pm and usually wakes between 6:45-7:30am so this was unusual for her. i actually woke up a few minutes before she did, grabbed my phone to check the time, and sort of freaked out that it said 8:42. i jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses and the video monitor while i starting walking towards her room. i saw she was just starting to stir and my heart slowed down to a normal pace. i went into her room greeting her with our normal morning routine which is comprised of mommy singing out of tune beautifully "good morning, good morning baby..." (not one you know; i made it up). truly, no child should be subjected to such bad singing but mine has no choice. :) she can tell her counselor all about it later in life.

since i usually rely on her to be my alarm clock, we were late to our coffee date with the annapolis navy wives.
sleep and coffee, sleep and coffee. well, grande nonfat caramel brulee lattee, no whip to be exact. while i was thankful to sleep in after going to bed at midnight, i have to say i felt more tired than i usually do. i definitely needed the coffee to get through the day. and for extra measure, i threw in a coca-cola at lunch. today was a fairly easy-going day filled with 3 of my favorite girl, extra sleep and coffee. :) hope you had a blessed day too!

p.s. i am also thankful for the technology of skype video calls. today we got my aunt (kennedy's aunt granny deb) hooked up for the first time. she got to see kennedy eat her pureed butternut squash turkey dinner, giggle outloud and give her sweet kisses. we also had time to skype juju (my mom) and give her kisses goodnight. yesterday, juju was the first to witness (along with me) kennedy taking 3 crawling steps. she's only taken 1 before and then flops down on her belly. this crawling thing is just around the corner! yikes...i don't think i'm ready! i just LOVE skype video helps to "see" family when we miss them so much!

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