Sunday, January 16, 2011

project 365 - day 16

thankful for some zzzzz's

sometimes it's just the simple things. this morning was my turn to get up with kennedy. on the weekend, we split it so one of us gets to sleep in. today she decided to get up an hour earlier than normal...naturally because it was momma's turn. :) so most of the day i was dragging, even after the assistance of 2 cups of coffee and a coke. after our small group i was excited to watch the football playoff games because well, as you know, i love football. (i much prefer college football but i'll take what i can get.) with only 3 more weeks of football to go, i'm trying to take in every moment before the 7-month absence of the only sport that matters (at least to me!), so i figured even if i tried to fall asleep while watching the game i wouldn't be able to.

but i was so tired. so when kennedy went down for a nap, i was comfortable with the 3 touchdown lead the bears had and i closed my eyes for just a moment. 55 minutes later i woke up refreshed (and to a baby crying who wanted OUT of her crib!) but today, i took pleasure in something simple ~ a chance to take a much needed nap. for quite awhile now, the few chances i've had to take a nap, i haven't been able to fall asleep. so to actually sleep today and wake up feeling rested was amazing. i'm thankful for those zzzzzz's!

and i have to say, i was a little bit thankful that tom brady didn't advance tonight. there's no love lost between us. even though i'll only cheer for the jets this week, it was nice to see rex ryan and his team get the win. sorry jets fans, but after the cowboys blew their season, i decided i wanted to adopt a secondary (winning) team for just this season. so my friend laura's husband steven, a HUGE steelers fan accepted my application and i became a steelers fan. :) GO STEELERS! even if it means beating the cheeseheads...i guess :(

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