Thursday, January 13, 2011

project 365 - day 13

thankful for the unexpected

today i had no plans at all. i was feeling a little tired so when kennedy took her morning nap i laid down. when i got up i thought it would be a pajamas kind of day. but i got an unexpected surprise when my friend candace called and asked if she could bring me lunch. she's just the kind of friend that everybody wants. the one that just knows when to show up. she was the very one who i called on matthew's angel day this week, even though i didn't really want to be around anyone because i was scared i would fall apart. she came with her super glue so we could put the the pitcher back together and gave me a long hug when i needed to cry.

we've been housebound for the last 2 days because of the snow and i was itching to get out. so i told candace i would meet her at pf changs. i am grateful for the surprise of my friend treating me to lunch (thank you sweet Candace!), and i'm even more thankful for the wonderful friend God brought into my life only 6 months ago. she's beautiful, thoughtful, kind, and generous. and as an added bonus, she's from texas! this means she gets my "crazy" more than a non-texan, which almost makes me feel normal. :)

candace and her precious family

love you sweet friend! thanks for being there for me this week!

p.s. on a completely unrelated note, i have a weird eye-twitching thing going on right now and it won't stop. when trying to diagnose myself on the internet this is what i came up with for possible causes:
•Stress •Tiredness •Eyestrain •Caffeine •Alcohol •Dry eyes •Nutritional imbalances •Allergies

anyone else have any ideas? pray my eye stops twitching by tomorrow morning...or i might just pry it out!


Amy said...

This whole post--I'm trying to connect how you know Candace--and you just met 6 months ago?!?! Ty and I went to school with Chris-and knew Candace through high school too. Of course God would orchestrate for you two sweet TX girls to meet!! Amazing! Love to you and to the D's!!

candace.donaghey said...

Oh my sweet Cort! It is I, my friend, who has been blessed by your friendship. From the morning I saw you (in your gawd-awful ugly orange University of Texas jersey) at church my heart knew we would be friends. God has specifically placed you in my path and life for many reasons, and I do not take that lightly-my soul is at home with you. You bring a bit of home, comfort, and fun to my life. I'm so grateful for all of our moments of laughter. There were many times, in the first few months of moving, that I wondered if I would ever find friendship and laughter again-a very trying and lonely time for me. God heard my cry and and has blessed me with you, my sweet friend...from Texas!! Your friendship has reminded me how God is so interested in the details of our lives-He is amazing. I'm so excited to start our new Bible study together- I await to see what our God has in store for us!
Much love-Candace

P.S. Hey Amy-small world...or should I say Big God!! Who would have ever thought about connecting all of these paths? Amazing! Hope you all are well-loved your Christmas card! Blessings to your and your family-Tell Ty hello from the Donaghey's.

natalie C said...

Eye twitch usually is related to nutrition.