Thursday, October 21, 2010

road rage

i think i've mentioned before my husband is a terrible driver. yeah, i'm pretty sure that's how i put it. :)

and if HE were writing this blog he would MOST DEFINITELY say he is a WAY BETTER MUCH WORSE driver than me!

he might be right! he's never been in a car accident. i know because i just now asked him, casually of course!, if he had ever been in a wreck.

"i've only slid off the snowy road and made a few dents in my car. NO DAMAGE TO ANOTHER VEHICLE." (but he made no mention of the tree, hmmm....i have to wonder?)
and by the grace of God, i have never crashed while driving more than 5mph. however, i have backed into two cars and one pole and left two notes. oh wait, there was that time when i had a cigarette in one hand, cell phone in the other and i used my mom's car to keep smooching the on-ramp's concrete wall for 20 feet while going 50mph. it wasn't pretty, but it was still drivable, sort of. ooops...i forgot about that!

ken's an aggressive driver; definitely more aggressive than me. i think he would admit that. aggressive, but safe. confident about his turns, speed and direction.

i've mentioned on here before i would like HIM to drive in the right-hand lane going 40mph while i'm a passenger, but when i've got the driving reigns, i have no problem cutting in and out of traffic, suddenly realizing i must turn right even if i have to cross 8 lanes of traffic to do so, and going 75-80 in a 70. and forget about the lady going 40mph...i have total road rage against her, of course in a nice texas-girl way!

but i've recently started to understand road a different way.


at times in my walk with the Lord, i've definitely been an offender of ROAD RAGE. i promise to post my version of a psalms i wrote and you might be horrified...

or you might actually relate?

our walk with the Lord, or lack thereof, may, certainly, include road rage for part of the drive.

you're driving along and you get caught off. expletive. or tears. or both.

but as you're driving along what cuts you off is the VERY thing that the God OF THE UNIVERSE who wants to be the God OF YOUR HEART, wants you to see.
The "cut-you-off" road rage event(s) which He allows, may be the loss of a child, spouse, parent, sibling, friend, or stranger; the ugly process of a divorce; the horrible past (or present) of physical, sexual or emotional abuse; or a simple, yet complicated belief that "this" life you lead is not quite fulfilling enough. a belief there is more out there than "this."

He doesn't cut you off to hurt you.

He doesn't cut you off to ruin you.

He just knows that the cut-you-off things and subsequent road rage are gonna happen...because we live on this earth. see, there was a woman named eve and man named adam awhile back...

oh, and what about the rage you express in the heat of these cut-you-off events?

well, i'm living proof, you can have it. rest assured, if i can do it and still walk with the Lord, i'm a million% sure you can.

rage it out. cuss it out. stomp it out. yell it out. better yet, scream it out at the top of your freakin' lungs. and drop the f-bombs if you must. i guarantee you...HE CAN HANDLE IT!

have you ever read David's psalms' where he lets God have it? i mean, he really, really lets God have it. after reading most of these, i found myself experiencing a new freedom in my relationship with Christ. freedom to say what i thought, unmasked, to the God of the universe.

wow, really? yes, really!

and He didn't even send a lightening bolt to strike me down, dead, because i said what i said!

i fully believe God allows road rage events to eventually open our eyes to His ways, His Truth, His better-option way of life.

do you??

can you get back on the road after the rage?

Jesus said, "I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. no one gets to the Father apart from Me. if you really knew Me, you would know my Father as well. from now on, you do know Him. you've even seen Him!"
the message, john 14:6-7

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