Saturday, September 25, 2010

when did it happen...?

when did it happen that i walked into a cell phone store, picked out a new one, didn’t know how to operate it, and had to have the sweet 20-something associate give me a 45-minute tutorial while my daughter slept?

when did it happen that while i was walking through the naval academy yard yesterday wearing the ugly barf orange texas jersey, a plebe walked by me and said “hook ‘em horns, MA’AM!” (i corrected him right away notifying him i was on the losing side of a bet, and said, “did you even watch the game?” he said, “no, MA’AM (again!!?!) i’m a plebe, i have no life.” ok, true and true. and for the record, anybody over 22 gets called MA’AM at the academy. it’s just a requirement there. ok, i feel much better.)

when did it happen that as i was trying to upload my photo to the new google blogger and it notified me that the file was too big, i didn’t know how to downsize it? i used to kind of be, well, technologically saavy.

when did it happen that since i started blogging like 3.5 years ago, i still have no idea how to be linky? that’s linking up a word to its website so you can just click and see what i’m writing about. i know how to be stinky, winky, and my daughter loves her binky, but I got nothin’ on linky. (please leave me a comment or send an email if you are genius enough to know how to do this!)

when did it happen that i thought “tweeting” meant running down the street with your arms perched out like wings while you chirped?

when did it happen that i realized that the 18-year-old midshipman talking his “MA’AM” nonsense to me, could technically be my son (albeit I would have birthed him as a high school sophomore, but technically it could have happened)?

when did it happen that while in photography class i have to ask the young 20-year-old friend next to me, “now tell me again, hmmm…, sorry, how do you export the pictures from my cortney folder to photoshop brick?” i think she’s getting tired of it; we’ve done it 3x now. maybe, just maybe, 4th time’s a charm come monday! i’m crossing my fingers!

when did it happen that the car’s boom-boom music next to me at the stop light is just too loud for my ears and the baby who sits in my back seat?

when did it happen that…time just got away from me and i could no longer keep up?

crete, greece was really like living in a time warp where life is slow-moving. there is a real beauty to this place and it took me awhile to adjust when i first arrived. there is no tweeting, facebook updating, and checking the score of the game while out at dinner. life is simple and rich. but not in an economical sense. people there are incredibly generous and kind. they are very relational-driven and could easily spend 6-8 hours at dinner. kids are out until midnight, sometimes slug over a chair sleeping, because the parents are catching up with family and friends.

last friday our friend john, who was stationed with us in greece, came to annapolis on a last-minute visit. kennedy and i went to happy hour with him at the restaurant/brewery/bar that my bible study leader, paula and her husband own, while we waited for ken to get home from work. we passed on a nice table in the restaurant part and sat up at the bar. (yes, kennedy sat in her carrier in the stroller, right next to momma at the bar! can you imagine the horrified looks i was getting? it was definitely the scene from sweet home alabama where reece says, “look at you, you have a baby... in a bar!!”)

while we were sitting there talking, i was suddenly distracted by the fact that we were both checking our phones for messages, texting, and facebooking while we were talking! WOW!! when did this happen? this was our good friend john and we’re being given time to catch up with him.

right then and there, i decided, unless i’m needing to text you to tell you where the table is, i won’t be using my phone out while meeting people for lunch, coffee or whatever. i’ve decided if there is an emergency, i’ll need to have you call twice, please. i’ve decided this because i really want to be present in the conversation that i’m being given the opportunity to have. last friday, i wanted to hear about our friend john’s recent breakup with his girlfriend, how life has been since leaving greece, and how the old ram’s head brings back memories of academy days.

and i almost missed it!

i was texting (and facebooking & tweeting) while talking…and, truly, i shouldn’t be doing these technologically advanced things that i can barely pull off, at least not at the table! maryland’s no-talking-while-driving law goes into effect oct. 1. my no-doing-anything-technologically-saavy-while-talking policy, goes into effect right now!

maybe, just maybe, it’s time to reclaim some of the goodness of greece! the heartbreak of that place will remain, maybe forever, but there was A LOT of good there. A LOT!

and since i can’t figure out my new samsung moment google phone, this will work out perfectly!

btw, john, if you're reading this, the coffee i made in the morning, was actually decaf. could you tell? i think most people just think the taste of coffee gives them a caffeine-energy high. of course i get to think this right now because i'm breastfeeding. when i stop, i will need the leaded kind, i'm sure of it! :) sorry, but i learned this trick from my friend joni.

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