Tuesday, September 14, 2010


i have stuff to share and none of it actually connects so bear with me...

thought you would like to know that photography class went WAY better, but i realize i'm sort of in-over-my-head with the amount of time it's going to take and the little time i have. hmmm.......

i knew it would be a way better experience tonight when i managed to buy a spiral notebook on the way to class and pulled out suction cups from my backpack during my "pumping break." woot woot!

and just for the record, i think there are more professional photographers in my class who are moonlighting as students to get an easy A, than those of us who had no idea what apperture and shutter speed meant when we walked in the door.

while we were critiquing our photos that were displayed on the big screen for all to see, i was very glad not to be one of the students who actually shot in auto mode pretending to be in manual mode. unfortunately for them, our prof did some crazy tricks and pulled up a side bar that showed the settings for each photo. busted! my photos might have lacked the 'wow' factor, but they were at least shot in manual. A for effort, no?

did you notice the networkedblogs on my facebook site and button in the sidebar to the right??? yeah, i'm doing it. and if you'd become a follower, by clicking on the button on the right, i would be super grateful!! there is a point to this...hopefully revealed in the future...

i wanted to share with you that i'm in the process of figuring out how/when i can blog regularly. like 4-5x/wk. i hope it's not this late at night all the time, due to the fact that my now previously-slept-through-the-night 5-month-old is now waking 4-6x/night and i need to hit the hay early to get some sleep! but i promise it will be MORE than what it has been. one way or the other.

finally, look for more "meaty" posts this week on the following subjects (and by no means do i claim to be an expert):

- transparency
- power of the tongue
- seeking counsel

and i promise i won't forget to throw in a few pictures from my assignment this week in photography class. i am supposed to show up next week with 200 pictures capturing motion. like figuring out how to set shutter speed and apperture to capture motion while having a clear focal point and blurry background.

confused? yep, so am i. pray for me!

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