Wednesday, September 1, 2010

photography class and breastfeeding don't always mix

on monday i went to my first digital photography class. it was kind of a hairy day with kennedy feeding almost every hour and a half and sleeping 15 mins at a time, but i thought i got everything packed up that i needed.

just getting there on time was a minor miracle but i pulled it off, barely.

i entered the class and there was a good mix of young 19-something's and a few people who were older than me. the instructor introduced herself as sarah and then separated us into groups of canon, nikon, and other. i moved over to the other 5 nikon users and was quite intimidated when they pulled out lenses longer than my arm.

i thought to myself, isn't this beginner digital photography?

she began the class and encouraged us to take notes. i frantically looked through my backpack and realized i forgot a spiral notebook. i had the syllabus which was given to me when i arrived and if need be, my registration form. wheeww. i wrote small so to conserve the 2 backs of paper that i had and quickly tried to write everything down before she moved to the next slide, which was not easy!

alas she announced we were going to take a 10 minute break. i walked up and asked if i could take more like 15 minutes. i leaned in closer so other students wouldn't hear,"because i'm breastfeeding and need to pump."

based on the look she gave me i'm going to guess she a) doesn't have any children and b) has never been asked this question before. she was very accommodating and said she would wait to start the class until i got back.

i walked out of the class and quickly realized i was going to have to go to my car which was going to take a lot longer than 15 minutes. since they were going to wait, i decided to ask her if there was an office or something i could use.

she walked me down the hall to a spare office. perfect.

i reached into my backpack and realized something was terribly wrong.

i forgot the suction cups.

(no, i never thought those words would come out of my mouth, for the record.)

i called ken and told him i couldn't pump and he knew exactly why because he was looking at them in the dish rack. i decided to stay on the phone with him for 10 mins. i mean, what's my alternative? go back into class after only being gone for like 2 minutes, tops, and admit i forgot the goods to pump?

i don't think so.... :)

i hung up with ken, packed up the parts i had and headed back down the hall to my class.

but not before the pump fell out of my partially-zipped backpack onto the hallway floor right in front of a room full of students.

those who know me well know i didn't make up that last part. i only wish i did.

the pump made a loud noise when it hit the floor and i looked up to a few sets of eyes staring at me wondering what it was i dropped.

don't worry, i'll just pick up my breast pump and be on my way!

i returned to class to find they had recovened. i only had a quarter page left of open space so i wrote down just the highlights. 15 minutes later she wrapped up the class early. :)

good thing, because i'm not sure what else could have gone wrong!

hoping my next class goes better!

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Marianne B Dean said...

This story is hilarious Cort! Those first few months--from "leaking" at inconvenient times to showing up someplace only to realize you have baby poo on you . . . its all about the humility I guess! Thanks for sharing this story!