Friday, August 27, 2010

back to school

so yes, this may be my only post for august. slogger, indeed. i have to admit, posting pictures is much easier on FB. i try to leave this blog for stories, thoughts, ramblings, reflections, etc. i just can't seem to find the time to do it. i'll get better, i promise!

but i had to jump on and tell you that i'm excited to announce...i'm a student again!!

after much debate about just taking a continuing ed course on the weekends for no credit that starts at the end of september, the photography coordinator talked me into enrolling into digital photography, art 120, a 3-hour credit course, complete with grades and homework and everything. yep, i'm nervous!

the only bummer was the first class meeting was this past monday, aug. 23 and i didn't find out about the class until tuesday. funny how in college i never went to the first week of classes because i could get away with it, as nothing important ever happened (oh, wait; i did miss a biology quiz once and got a BIG FAT ZERO!)

i felt bad to miss the first class and sent an overly kiss-up email to the instructor who must have thought it was just that. she wrote back something short and direct, told me to get the book, and thanks for getting in touch. wowsers, i do hope i can turn this around. i mean i need her to like me! not to mention that i'd really like to get an A.

yes, all for a photography class. one that some people just choose to take at a camera store for a month-full of saturdays. nothing wrong with that. but i tend to do things, sometimes, to the extreme. ok, let's be real, almost always. :)

so i'll keep you abreast of how the class is going. ken promises he'll be home early on mondays so i can leave by 5:30. class is from 6-9:45pm until december something, and i just don't think the instructor would be happy to have an almost 5-month-old breastfeeding infant joining us. i don't want to press my luck on getting that A!

i do have to tell you one story about picking up my student i.d. and required book for the class. kennedy and i went to campus yesterday and she was sacked out in the ergo carrier. in addition to her on my chest, i had my purse and diaper bag. i entered the bookstore, which is attached to the cafeteria where student i.d.'s were being made. so here is how the exchange went with the friendly man at the door:

man: "hello!"
me: "well hello, how are you?"

man: "i'm great. and you?"

me: "fantastic! have a great day!" i kept walking towards the books.
man: "ma'am, ma'am, i need your bag."

me: "oh...this one? it's ok, it's my diaper bag."

man: "i have to check it. you can get it when you leave."

me: "oh, but see i am getting my book and then heading out the other exit to the cafeteria to get my student i.d."

man: "i still have to check it."

me: "but what if my baby has a poopy diaper? the line is long and well, i may need things in here."

he just gave me a look of 'no.' clearly he wasn't budging.

me: "o-kay" said not in the best of tones, and i handed him the bag.

man: "you can come back and pick it up before you head to the cafeteria." and he handed me a numbered clothespin.

i made my way to get the book and through the line in 20 minutes. then i walked over to the man to retrieve my bag.
man: "did you find everything ok?"
me: still annoyed by the fact i had to give up my diaper bag, i had to find the words to be nice because clearly he was being very nice. he was also probably retired and had worked his whole life, and i want to be nice to my elders. "i did, thank you. and thanks for letting me get my diaper bag. my daughter usually has blowouts this time of day."
the 19-year-old boy standing next to me who was picking up his back pack made a disgusted face and walked away. then the nice man and i had an exchange of "ha ha" smiles.
i walked straight back through the bookstore, out the other exit, towards the cafeteria, to obtain my student i.d.
believe me, i was tempted to grab a book, put it in my diaper bag and run. i just didn't think it would be too funny to call ken from jail. :)

i feel like i will now really LOVE the show 'community.' i'm going to be more intentional about watching it this fall.

don't judge the quality of these photos too much; i'm going to improve! but to my credit a) they were taken with a camera phone and b) the second one was taken by a boy who i finally got up the nerve to ask! i was too afraid of being a geek. but clearly i was. :)
it was nice that they didn't make me take kennedy off because she was sleeping in the ergo carrier. her head is in the bottom right hand corner of the student i.d. photo.

2 comments: said...

I intend to pick your brain as you learn all of those great photography tips!

Kathleen said...

Nice student ID. Keep it after it expires and give to Kennedy when she grows up. It is so much fun keeping sometimes silly things to give to your children when they are older.