Saturday, July 31, 2010


oops! where did july go?? i became a slogger and didn't post! it was a crazy month but i thought i would fill you in...

- kennedy turned 3 months old on july 4th! we went to the neighborhood bike parade but skipped fireworks. next year.

july 4, 2010

- kennedy's first laugh was on my (30th - haha!) birthday, july 16th! we didn't get a video of it though. ken, kennedy and i drove down to raleigh, n.c. to stay with the danjczek's and angie and her sweet kids, andy and m.e. came up from s.c. to meet k. it was a fantastic weekend! we even got to see elisha on friday night. needed that girls' time BADLY! and again, we didn't get any pictures!

- kennedy went into the pool for the first time, but no photos! we were in raleigh at joni's gym's pool and as i was waiting for kennedy to wake up, i was snapping pictures of joni, angie and the kids. a worker came over to me and said photography was not allowed due to their policy on protecting children from internet predators, etc. yikes! i asked if i could just snap one of my daughter's first time in the water and he said no. i thought he might confiscate my $1000+ camera so i didn't push it. but it's sad, i think, that there are rules like this in place. on one hand i'm glad there are, on the other, i'm like, what????? we'll recreate the first time in the water experience soon and post pics.

- ken sold our nice boat so we could pay off some debt. but of course we can't go without one, so while kennedy and i stayed in raleigh, he drove down to florida and bought a 1988 martinique correct craft, complete with a cuddy cabin for k. an 87-year-old man owned it and wasn't using it anymore. ken didn't understand why. :) this one will be a lot better for the chesapeake bay water. it needs some tlc but i think it will be a good boat for us and at the price of $3500, you can't beat it! (pics on previous post.)

- kennedy had her first babysitter on july 3 so we could take our old boat out one last time with cory and liz who came in town to visit. i only texted twice; once to give her my cell # (forgot to write it on the list of instructions but she had it saved from when i first called her - smart girl!), and the second time to ask if we could stay out 2 hours longer because we were having so much fun wakeboarding again! kennedy also had a babysitter on july 24 for 9 hours while mom and dad were partying it up at liesel's wedding! she did great; and so did we. it helped that we came home for about an hour in between wedding/reception while i pumped and ken changed, so we got to see our sweet baby before she went to bed. we are going to add having a babysitter 2x/mo to our budget so we can have date nights. much needed!
- kennedy's first time in the bumbo seat...she loves it!
- our good friends the wainwrights moved to the area (in va about 45 mins away) this month. kennedy is already in love with noah who is 4 days older than her and she's pretty fascinated with jack his 21-month-old brother. we are so excited that they're going to live here for awhile!

- kennedy hosted her first play date and the other big kids played while she hung out on her mat and they pushed her in the swing. she slept for most of it!

where's kennedy??

- i'm dairy-free now going on 3 weeks. trying to see if this helps with her reflux. the verdict's still out. it's HARD going without cheese but i love kennedy more and if this helps her tummy not hurt as much, i'm in.

- 30-hour power outage and we all bunked down in the unfinished basement. interesting. after 5 hours i realized it wasn't going to come on for the night, so i took the only thing i cared about - about 60 oz of frozen breast milk to our friend's freezer. using an inverter, ken hooked up the car battery, then boat battery to power 2 fans and a light. a modern day macgyver - i love that he is so handy! seriously though, i'm glad we didn't blow up like macgruber! :) we lost everything in the fridge/freezer. it was kind of a cleansing process though; out with the not-so-healthy foods and on to better and healthier. after i got home from the grocery stores, there was no time/energy to cook so i went to pick up takeout. ken ordered a 3-piece fried chicken dinner from popeye's and i picked up sushi for myself. yin and yang. guess old habits die hard. :) i do have to say ken's doing great with all the new recipes. we use the "points system" from (like weightwatchers). $5 month buys you recipes for 5 meals per week complete with the shopping easy to not think about what i'm cooking for dinner. we love it!

kennedy slept on the left (you can see top of her swing just above couch) and we set up our spare bed on the right.

- kennedy's first visit to the disney store...and maybe last! how can they charge $50 for a cinderella dress?? tell you what kennedy, if mommy finds it at the second-hand store, i'll buy one for you! we played with the minnie ears and got a picture.

when i texted this pic to my family, ken wrote back, "disney??!! why? she can't turn out like lindsey lohan." such dramatics!

- kennedy's first baseball game nats vs. braves. arrived at the bottom of the 5th inning (last minute tkts) just in time for a HUGE thunderstorm. we took cover under a 4 foot wide overhang for 30 minutes of blowing rain, gave up and decided to leave. didn't get to see one play! of course when daddy went to get the car the skies cleared. we snapped a few photos before leaving. we'll have to redo the baseball experience too!

- kennedy is grabbing at everything! it's awesome to see her developing!

- finally, july 11th came....and then went. 18 months without our matthew....sometimes it feels like yesterday. separate post later.

hope you've enjoyed catching up with us in july. i hope to be much better in aug but i know with our trip to dallas/arkansas, it's going to be busy!

love to you all!

Friday, July 30, 2010

boats and babies

we traded the 2002 version...
for the 2010 model...(kgs at 8 weeks)

...and got the 1988 classic! baby trumps a nice boat!
(but ken will get this lookin' nice soon enough!)