Thursday, May 27, 2010

time flies...

we're starting to get into a routine so hopefully i'll be able to better predict when i can get on the computer and actually blog. here's what the last 3 weeks have been like...kennedy has been out and about and had several visitors.

her first naval academy parade...which she slept through.
cubbies fan (from auntie ashley)

taking a little nap on the mall
first trip to the capitol
first trip to see daddy at work
first bottle (4 weeks old). mom pumps it out so daddy can feed me :)

mommy got her hair cut so getting ready will go faster.
mother's day lunch
mommy, kennedy and juju
juju came back for a second visit!

wearing mommy's dress when she was my age

my sister echo...she wants to lick me!

the bowser family came down to visit me!

an officer and a lady...

tummy time (i hate it!!)
look at me grow! 7 1/2 weeks old

i can even smile now!


Joyfulness said...

Ah, that smile melts my heart!

Carly said...

She is adorable! Looks like she is settling in very nicely! Your haircut is very cute! Ah, that darn tummy time.