Saturday, April 24, 2010

march for babies 2010

today ken, kennedy, and i went to baltimore so that ken could walk in the march of dimes' march for babies to honor our sweet son, matthew phillip. our team, which included our friends, bill and joni, and ken's cousins in north dakota, codi and chayla raised over $1,500!! thank you to everyone who supported us!! unfortunately bill and joni's son, jack got sick on the way to the walk so they couldn't walk with ken. i really wish kennedy and i could have walked but 4 miles is too far to walk 3 weeks after a c-section.

before ken started, i unexpectedly broke down in tears. the reality of being at a walk in memory of our son, instead of juggling two kids 15 months apart suddenly hit me. i kissed ken goodbye as he began the walk and headed over to the family tent. there i met another baby-loss mom. i was wearing a sticker that said "walking for matthew phillip" and when she asked me who matthew was i broke down again. she gave me a minute and then told me about her angel she lost 7 years ago. she teared up when she spoke of her daughter and how much she missed her. i realized that my tears may never completely go away. at one time or another, there may be tears because there will always be a longing in my heart for my son.

a special thank you to three families who walked or will be walking for matthew. the bowser family participated in the march for babies in carlisle, pennsylvania the same day as our walk. ted, laura and their daughter kate will be walking for matthew in austin may 8th. codi, ken's cousin and her daughter chayla, will be walking for matthew in bismark may 15th. we are so touched by our friends and family to honor our son in this special way.

thank you to everyone who supported our teams and the march of dimes. our hope is that the research and development to prevent premature births will make significant progress to spare other families from facing a loss like ours.

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