Monday, March 15, 2010

seabee ball 2010

i was not put on full bed rest last thursday so i was able to go to seabee ball this weekend. i'm supposed to be mindful of my limits and not do too much. today my limit seems to be right here on this couch! :)

we had a great time at the ball but had to leave early, and not because my back was killing me or a pregnancy emergency. my poor hubby came down with the stomach flu right after dinner. i spent the rest of the weekend taking care of him. his stomach was still a little shaky but he drove down to norfolk this morning for work. he'll be back on wednesday afternoon. hopefully after his meetings this afternoon he can go back to the hotel, rest and finally kick this thing for good. i was going to go with him but i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. if you recall from my last post, i was not dilated last tuesday when i went to the hospital with contractions. however, at my appointment 2 days later on thursday, i was dilated to 1 cm. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned. this could mean i could go in 2, 3 or 4 weeks (my scheduled c-section date, which is what we're hoping), but 2 weeks from now would be full-term at 37 weeks. we just want juju (my mom), and grandpa and grandma al (my dad and step-mom) to be able to be here for the birth. if i go into labor, they probably won't be able to make it in time.

i want to thank everyone for their fervent prayers for me and 'lil bug. i really believe they have made a difference and i am so glad you all are apart of this miracle. we love you so much!

35 weeks
ken's looking good despite that he came down with the stomach flu 30 mins after this
the president's band -- they were GREAT!

laura and i
laura bonding with 'lil bug
laura and steve
cambrai and i

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