Wednesday, March 10, 2010

belly shots; weeks 30-34

thought i would share a few belly shots over the last few weeks. when i went to the doctor last week he took the first estimate of the baby's weight. i was shocked that he said 'lil bug was almost 6 LBS! i told him i have 5 weeks to go and asked how big this baby will be. (the average size of a 34 week baby is 4.5-5 lbs.) he said some babies stop growing at 37 weeks and some don't. so we'll probably have a baby between 8-10 lbs!

yesterday afternoon i was at target and started to have really strong contractions; 6 in one hour. i called the doctor and they told me to go to labor and delivery to meet the on-call doctor. i was really scared. i kept praying, "lord, not now. this baby is not ready!" even though the baby's size is good, lungs are usually not fully mature until 37 weeks. ken rushed home from work and we were delighted to find out i was not dilated or in active labor, despite the contractions. after they loaded me up with lots of fluids, the contractions stopped. turns out, i was probably too dehydrated. i also had been running a bunch of errands which was a little more activity than normal for me. i got to go home after 3 hours and was put on bed rest for 2 days. i have my weekly appointment on thursday and the doctor will probably not continue my bed rest, but i will have to make sure and not do too much. please pray that 'lil bug will go to full term. i am 34 1/2 weeks right now. my bare minimum is 37 weeks, but i would like to go to my scheduled c-section date, april 12, so that it will be my doctor who i am very comfortable with. if i go any earlier than that day, it will be 1 of 12 doctors in the practice who is on call. i have only met 4 of them. your prayers for this little miracle mean so much to us!

cort - 30 weeks / deb - 33 weeks

32 weeks

34 weeks


Kathleen said...

I am keeping you, Kenneth, and little bug in my daily prayers. Love and hugs, Kathleen

Marianne B Dean said...

You look so great!! You definitely have the awesome pregnancy hair. :) Praying for a full-term baby and the smoothest delivery and recovery ever. Love ya!