Sunday, March 28, 2010

37 weeks

wow. the Lord is good. how many times did i doubt that i would make it this far? more than i care to admit. our prayers all along were to go to full-term. 37 weeks is considered full-term and we made it!! thank you Lord. however, we did revise our prayers several weeks ago asking that we go all the way to my scheduled c-section date of april 12 which is 39w + 1d. a couple reasons for this are so that my parents will be here and because i am very comfortable with my doctor. any other day that i go into labor between now and then would be with the doctor on call.

every day i get to carry this baby is a "yay God" moment for us. every day increases my belief that the Lord will allow us to take this baby home and become parents. matthew made us a mommy and a daddy but 'lil bug will take us into parenthood.

does that mean i don't have any fears of things that could go wrong between now and the day of the birth? absolutely not. but when i have those fears that creep into my mind i just have to give them over to the Lord.

"do not fear for I am with you..." isaiah 41:10

thank you for all of your prayers for this child. i am overwhelmed at the number of people that have prayed for us these last 9 months. i can't wait to tell 'lil bug about all the people out there that prayed for him/her. you all are such a special part of our family and our story.


Kristie said...

You look too good.... you do not have that "I am so uncomfortable look" just yet.

Thinking and praying for you guys!


Heather said...

got a little teary reading this post! just so excited for you! so thankful you made it full term. sooooo looking forward to meeting this precious little one! :)

Dianebob said...

You look beautiful Courtney.